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Local Blogs
Beacon Hill Blog
This blog is maintained by Wendi Dunlap and Jason Simpson, who live happily in North Beacon Hill.
Blogging Georgetown
Georgetown blog…
Central District News
The indie news source for Seattle’s Central District since 2007
Columbia City Blog
This blog is all about Colum­bia City, the walk­a­ble, inti­mate, family-friendly-but-still-sexy neigh­bor­hood in the Rainier Val­ley here in South­east Seattle.
My Mount Baker
News, events and people from our slice of the city…Mount Baker.
New Rainier Vista Blog
We are a diverse neighborhood in Seattle, WA. This site is primarily intended for residents, homeowners and renters, and is a work in progress – just like our community!
North Beacon Hill Blog
North beacon hill council blog…
Othello Neighborhood
The purpose of this site is to help build and maintain a healthy, safe, culturally diverse and sustainable Othello neighborhood through cooperative sharing of information among neighborhood groups and local businesses.
Rainier Valley Post
Independent daily source for news, information, events, discussion, opinion…
Renton Journal
Blog about Renton…
Seattle Transit Blog
Seattle Transit Blog covers transit news for the the greater Seattle area. The blog also focuses on density and the urban form, and other forms of alternative transportation like bicycling and walking.
South Seattle Beacon
The South Seattle Beacon (formerly the Beacon Hill News & South District Journal), is a community newspaper covering Seattle’s south end neighborhoods.
All About South Park
South Park has become home to some of Seattle’s original settlers. Today its diverse history has made it one of the few Seattle neighborhoods to be divided into both industrial and residential land zones.
The New Pioneer Square Blog
We hope to learn more about what makes this neighborhood tick. That involves interviews of: the people on the streets, business owners, and people with a vested interest in making this community great.
Community Groups
Columbia Citizens
This site is about life as we know it in Columbia City, Seattle. Like many good things here, you and your neighbors get to pitch in and help make it work.
Great City
Great City is a strategic urban advocacy group that believes smart and responsible urbanism is the solution to many of our social, economic, and environmental challenges.
Lakewood Seward Park Community Club
The Lakewood Seward Park Community Club is a 100 year old association serving the community located in the Lakewood Seward Park Neighborhoods of Seattle, Washington.
Rainier Beach Coalition
The Rainier Beach Community Empowerment Coalition builds community capacity to successfully address critical issues and enhance quality of life.
Rainier Valley Rotary Club
To provide community service, international service, and vocational service in the Rainier Valley of Seattle.
Sustainable South Seattle
Sustainable South Seattle (S3) is a volunteer-run organization working to promote sustainability in Seattle’s south-end communities.
West Hill Community
The West Hill Community Council (WHCC) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to preserve, protect, and improve the West Hill neighborhood in accord with the wishes of the Community.
Business Groups
Columbia City Business Association
The Columbia City Business Association (CCBA) is a vibrant organization of business owners, property owners, and residents dedicated to making Columbia City a “great place”.
Genesee Merchants Association
Encourage and foster common interests of business and residents in the Genesee neighborhood.
MLK Business Association
The MLK Business Association was formed in 2008 to organize and promote the businesses along MLK.
Rainier Beach Merchants Association
Advancing business and revitalizing in the Rainier Beach community.
Rainier Chamber of Commerce
Promoting, serving and representing businesses and neighborhoods of Southeast Seattle
World Connections
Haslingfield Village UK
Haslingfield is a village and civil parish in South Cambridgeshire, England. The population in the 2001 census was 1,550 people living in 621 households.

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