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Own a business? Need to reach customers locally? SouthendSeattle offers ad space to contributors and southend businesses. We offer two sizes to get the word out.

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$35 per month

Our 200 x 60 ad space runs on our front page. These are ‘rotational’ ads, meaning these change upon refresh or revisit of the main page. We are localizing these ads based upon subject. If you own a restaurant, we will post the ad under our ‘Culture’ category which focuses on food, art, and music in the southend. If you offer services for home and garden, we will place the ad beneath that corresponding category. These spaces are shared with other businesses and members of the community.

We will be capping these 200×60 ad spaces at 5 per category to give everyone the views they deserve. We want our readers to have the best experience and show them opportunities within the categories they are interested.

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$50 per month

Our 180 x 150 ad space runs on all our pages (except the home page). These are ‘static’ ads, meaning these are always visible. We will be randomizing the position on refresh or revisit so everyone gets there time in the top spot. These spaces are great places to reach all of our readers, in every category.

We will also be offering site sponsorships with front page static ads/badges in the future. Contact us if interested in showing your support.

SouthendSeattle also offers a free design service to provide you with the best optimized ad design. Contact us today about this opportunity.

Advertise with the Southend Community today!

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