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Come to Kubota!

Come to Kubota!
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Hello! My name is Giles, and I am a Seattle Parks employee who works as a gardener at Kubota Garden in Rainier Beach. My coworker and fellow gardener is Marcia, and our supervisor is Don, who has been the Senior Gardener at Kubota Garden since 1987. We love this garden very much and enjoy interacting with visitors to foster their appreciation of this garden and all the work the Kubota family did to make this place special. Stopping to chat with visitors now and then is great, but we’ve always been looking for a venue where we could reach more people with information about the garden. Luckily for us, we’ve gotten to know Maia (a frequent garden visitor!) of, and she suggested we write a column for her website. This opportunity seemed just right, and we jumped at the chance.

What can you expect to see in this column? Initially, a weekly bulletin that will let you know what is happening right now – plant profiles with pictures featuring flowers or fall color to help lure you to visit, information about events such as plant sales (this Saturday May 5th 9am-1pm!) or tours that you might want to attend, and dates for the next volunteer opportunity when you’re ready to dig in!

In time, we’d also like to try our hand at longer articles, so you can get to know the garden in depth. Kubota Garden has a rich history, and we’d like to share stories about the Kubota family and how the garden developed during the 60 years they lived there. This garden has been further developed since it became a city park, and we’d like to profile those who have made a contribution here. And as a city park and public space, we face issues no private garden would ever encounter, and we’d like to share them with you.

We meet lots of first time visitors who exclaim, “I’ve lived in Seattle for years – I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to visit!” But if you live in southeast Seattle, you know what a resource Kubota Garden is: a quiet place of great beauty, perfect for contemplation and inspiration, a getaway from the drudgery of urban living. So how long has it been since you visited this garden? A week? A month? Longer??? This column is our reminder to you to come visit soon — that it’s been to long…

We look forward to seeing you at Kubota Garden!

All photos taken on Friday May 4th 2012!

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  1. Suzanne says:

    What a great article. Those photos are amazing! I’m looking forward to hearing more about what Kubota is doing and how I can be involved.

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